The Online New Testament Greek Course

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The Online New Testament Greek Course is designed for those who have a desire to delve deeper into the original language of the New Testament, to aid in their ministry and own personal Bible study. It is available not only to those within the Youth With a Mission, but to those from all walks of life. It will provide you with a foundation in Greek grammar and vocabulary, and also let you try your hand at translation.

The New Testament Greek Course is registered with the University of the Nations (UofN) Online Extensions Studies (OES) program, with credit awarded upon the successful completion of each module. If at some point you desire to use the Extension Studies course credit towards a UofN degree, then these credits would be evaluated as other transfer credits. Modules 1-3 are the equivalent of the UofN CHR/HMT 258 New Testament Greek Course and equal 12 UofN credits. The Advanced Greek Course, modules 4-5 award 6 UofN credits upon successful completion of both modules. 

For more information about the course go to and also the Introduction on this moodle site.