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Phil's Test Course Unit 3


MarkIn this unit you are introduced to a new genre, Gospel, and how the inductive approach to Bible study can enrich your Gospel study.  You are introduced to the relationship between all three Synoptic Gospels, which will enhance your understanding of each of these Gospels.  You will explore the uniqueness of Mark’s Gospel and the emphasis he had for his first readers, the relevance of which, you will discover, is so pertinent for the Church today. 


LukeThe Gospel of Luke, one of the two books written by a Gentile, is a rich complement to the previous Gospel you have studied. You will discover how Luke relates his Gospel story to the unfolding purposes of God throughout history, and in so doing you will continue to develop your skills in understanding how to read and study such a Gospel.  You will identify those features that make this beautiful Gospel unique, and reflect on the current implications of these.


ActsDr. Luke continues his story in this book, the value of which cannot be overestimated.  Apart from gaining an understanding of the infant Church and early church history, you discover the careful emphasis employed by Luke which he presents in his work.  You become familiar with the pertinent geography for your continuing studies in the New Testament letters, which you will find are foundational.  You also consider the methods and models used by these early followers of Jesus as they obeyed the great Commission of Jesus in Matt 28, and then consider the implications of these for our universal missionary task.

Psalms and an Introduction to Hebrew Poetry

3D man psalmsYou will quickly understand that the 150 Psalms include a variety of poems, each true to their literary genre, and have a new appreciation for the rich art form that they are presented in.  At times worship will fill your heart, and at other times the pain of the poet will ring true to the realities all around you.