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The School of Redemptive History (SRH) aims to inspire students with a love for finding God’s fingerprints in history and developing practical skills for study, research and intercession with the Holy Spirit. Using a variety of creative and artistic expressions, students will go through a process of study and reflection that shapes their understanding of the stories of nations in a way that communicates God’s Story with love, healing, belonging and redemption.

The SRH is run as a UofN FLW course with 2 distinctive Lecture phase settings - face-to-face classroom phase (first six weeks - classroom intensive) and a research phase (second 6 weeks - research intensive). An optional Field assignment will be offered in the near future. 

Please NOTE - this is not an online or distance learning course, but requires attendance of the 6 week classroom intensive, where it is being offered.

For more details please contact Steve Cochrane ( for course details or John Mraz ( for site issues.

Global classThe SRH Meeting place is set up for two purposes

  • Online Forums for current students involved in their Research Phase projects, and 
  • Past students interested in continuing to relate with one another in 'doing' history. 

Resources 1We hope that this resource section will become a depository of materials that will encourage and challenge us to continue 'doing' history.