JamesYou will discover that the book of James is the New Testament’s answer to the Old Testament’s book of Proverbs.  Based around pertinent themes, the practical nature of this book will challenge and delight you.


HebrewsAs the name suggests, you will discover that Hebrews was written to Jewish believers who were under pressure to revert back to their old religion and ways.  In this book you will obtain fresh understanding of the significance of the Old Testament religious system in relationship to the New, and have the joy of exploring how Jesus is superior to all of the old ways.


MatthewMatthew forms a bridge between the Old and New Testament with the genealogies in the first chapter, where he affirms the identity of Jesus as the legitimate heir to the throne of King David.  As you will discover, Matthew continues this emphasis to his Jewish readers, often referring to prophetic fulfillment.  Jesus is shown to be not only the legitimate King, but also the suffering servant of Isaiah 53.  You will be greatly moved by this beautiful Gospel.