1 Peter

1 PeterIn this and the next unit you will be exploring the writings of the disciple you meet so often in the Gospels, Peter.  In this first letter, you will discover how he addresses believers over a wide geographic area, challenging them to a lifestyle worthy of their calling, and how Jesus is their example in the midst of persecution.

2 Peter and Jude

2 Peter JudeThese two letters are studies together because they contain similar subject matter.  Both Peter and Jude are writing against false teaching that was creeping into the Church.  In this unit you will discover what that teaching was, and how we too can be vigilant against such error in the church today.

Gospel of John

JohnThe books of John, "the disciple that Jesus loved", are considered to be some of the last of the New Testament books written.  As the heresy of Gnosticism was growing at this time, so John addresses this in his various writings, making both a strong defense of the truth, and bringing correction.  As you study this beautiful gospel, you will be struck how different it is to the other ‘synoptic’ Gospels, yet how carefully John presents Jesus, the "I AM", the living Logos!