Module 15:  The 8th Century Prophets:  Declaring the Heart of God to the Nations

In this module we meet the prince of prophets, Isaiah, along with the other prophets of the 8th century.  Both Isaiah and Micah call the Southern Kings to put their trust in God as the One that will bring salvation to the nation, and indeed, to the nations! Joel calls the nation to return to the Lord and the prophet Jonah reveals God as the One who is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.  The justice of God is shown through the prophet Nahum. The study of Kings is a prerequisite for this module.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.

모듈 15 : 8세기 선지자들 : 열방을 향한 하나님의 마음을 선포하다

이 모듈에서 우리는 8세기의 다른 예언자들과 함께 예언자의 황태자 이사야를 만난다. 이사야와 미가는 모두 남부 왕들에게 국가에, 그리고 실제로 국가에 구원을 가져다 줄 하나님에 대한 신뢰를 심어주기 위해 소명한다! 요엘은 국가를 주님에게 돌아가라고 부르고 예언자 요나는 하나님을 분노에 느리고 변함없는 사랑에 휩싸인 자로 계시합니다. 하나님의 정의는 예언자 나흠을 통해 보여진다. 열왕기서에 대한 연구는 이 모듈의 전제조건이다.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.


jonah, joel etcIn Micah, you enter the court room of heaven and hear the indictment of God against his people.  As the evidence is presented, you will be aware of how contemporary these charges are, and the consequences of such sin.  But you will also find these pages are threaded with hope, and a God who pardons the penitent. 


Is the army a plague of locusts, or is it an invading army?  As you study this prophet and read of the judgment pronounced you will be humbled by God’s passionate desire for repentance and change, so God can restore and bless… and pour out his Spirit. 


Jonah, the reluctant prophet to a violent and cruel people!  As you reflect on what is probably the most well-known of the Minor Prophets, you will encounter the missionary God, the God of mercy for all nations.                                           


In Nahum, the counterpart of Jonah, you encounter the same God of mercy, who is also the God of Justice.  When there is repentance, God is quick to show mercy, but when there is rebellion, corruption and violence, judgment will eventually come.


IsaiahAs you engage with this prince of prophets, you encounter a very dark period of Israel’s history, the glorious hope of the coming Messiah emerging, and amazing salvation brought by YHWH when his people trust in him.  The call to faith in impossible situations will ring through into your own personal circumstances. 

Although the unity of authorship for the whole of Isaiah is held, the setting of chapters 40-66 is within the Babylonian Exile.  As you prepare for this portion of the book it is well worth reading Lamentations or Psalm 137.  With the grief of a broken people fresh in your heart, you will encounter the comfort of a forgiving God.  You will understand the importance of the magnificent poetry written by the prophet, and how the prophetic statements of Isaiah prove the superiority of YHWH over the idols of the nations.  You will encounter the Servant of YHWH, and be changed forever!