Module 17:  Prophets of the Exile

Ezekiel was God's messenger to rebellious people in exile, calling for a change of heart that never happened. He declared that beyond the judgment was hope; hope of restoration and hope for the future.  As for Obadiah, you don't exploit God's people and get away with it!  As we come to these prophets of the exile, they speak before the 400 years of prophetic silence. But these 400 years are not so silent. Daniel foresees the challenges ahead and in graphic images prepares the people for the upcoming empires, and the Messiah.

The study of Kings is a prerequisite for this module.

모듈 17: 포로기의 예언자

에스겔은 망명 중인 반항적인 사람들에게 결코 일어나지 않았던 마음의 변화를 요구하는 하나님의 전령이었다. 그는 심판을 넘어서는 희망, 회복의 희망과 미래에 대한 희망을 선포했다. 오바댜는 하나님의 백성을 착취하지 말고 물러가라고 선포한다! 우리가 포로기의 예언자들을 대할 때, 그들은 400년의 예언적인 침묵에 앞서 말씀을 선포한다. 하지만 이 400년은 그렇게 조용하지 않다. 다니엘은 앞으로의 난관을 예견하고 다가오는 제국과 메시아를 위한 환상으로 사람들을 준비시킨다.

열왕기서에 대한 연구는 이 모듈의 전제조건이다.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.


DanielThe first challenge you will encounter as you study this inspirational book, is the quality of the life and faithfulness of Daniel and his three friends in a pagan and hostile land.  The second will be for you to engage with the literary genre of Old Testament apocalyptic literature that you will find in the second half of the book!  Though unfamiliar to contemporary readers, this form of writing was used to show the sovereign outworking of the purposes of God during difficult times. And you will discover Daniel foresees the challenges ahead, and in graphic images prepares the people for the upcoming empires, persecutions, and the Messiah.


obadiahObadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament, a prophecy to a long extinct people.  Yet as you explore this book you will find the message is as contemporary as tomorrow’s news.


EzekielEzekiel, the prophet who had a profound encounter of the glory of God, was God’s messenger to the rebellious people in exile.  His voice, like his contemporary Jeremiah’s, fell on deaf ears.  But as you will discover, this was not the last word; he proclaimed hope beyond that judgment, hope of restoration and hope for the future purposes of God.