Module 18:  Rebuilding of a Nation

Beyond the end was a new beginning as the scattered people were bidden to return. But the time was tough and the opposition great. How could a dead nation be re-born? 1 and 2 Chronicles creates the foundation, restoring the identity of this broken people. Ezra and Nehemiah reflect the rebuilding of the temple, Jerusalem and the nation. Exceptional times call for exceptional leaders! Not only Ezra and Nehemiah, with the prophetic support of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, but Esther too. The study of Kings is a prerequisite for this module.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.


모듈 18 : 국가의 재건

흩어져 있는 사람들이 돌아오기 귀환을 명 받았기 때문에 끝 너머에는 새로운 시작이 있었다. 하지만 시대는 힘들었고 야당은 대단했다. 어떻게 죽은 나라가 다시 태어날 수 있었을까? 역대기는 이 부서진 사람들의 정체성을 회복시키면서 기초를 만든다. 에스라와 느헤미야는 성전, 예루살렘, 국가의 재건을 반영한다. 예외적인 때는 예외적인 리더를 요구합니다! 학개, 스가랴, 말라기의 예언적인 지지를 받은 에스라와 느헤미야 뿐만 아니라 에스더 역시 그렇다. 열왕기서에 대한 연구는 이 모듈의 전제조건이다.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.



Haggai Zech MalachiHaggai with his two short chapters brings a powerful challenge to the people to rise and rebuild the Temple in hard and difficult times.  So we too find ourselves challenged to obey the word of the Lord when it is not convenient or when it is hard.  Haggai’s message lives on. 


Zechariah, the contemporary of Haggai, supports the call to rise up and build the temple with eight visions in one evening.  But then he goes beyond with insights far into his future.  This book will challenge your interpretation skills but will be rich with application. 


And so you have come to the final Prophet and the final book of the Old Testament, and sadly you will find a dispirited and complaining people.  But the challenges of the Lord through the prophet are clear, and as you will discover, each challenge is pertinent to many contemporary situations you are likely to find yourself in.

Ezra and Nehemiah

Ezra NehemiahIn Ezra and Nehemiah the many promises of the pre-exilic prophets began to be fulfilled.  As you study these books, and understand the issues these great leaders faced, you will be challenged and inspired, as well as thrilled with the faithfulness of God.  You will discover too, that these books are important to understand for the three final Minor Prophets.

1 and 2 Chronicles

ChroniclesThe first chapters of these books are difficult for many to work through as lists of names are not very inspiring, but for those returned from exile, knowing their identity was paramount. But it was not just their personal identity, but the identity of the whole nation that is being addressed in these carefully constructed historical books.  As you understand through your inductive study the chosen emphases of the author, you will share in the restoring power of the Word of God.


EstherBe inspired by the hidden working of God as your careful study unfolds the story of this fascinating book and shows the courage of those in very dangerous situations.