In Deuteronomy you come to the last of the Law Books, meet the second generation who are about to take the Land, and Moses, who is about to die!  You will discover how Deuteronomy is about renewing the covenant with the new generation.  In this book you will explore a working model of how to distinguish between which Old Testament laws are directly applicable to the Christian believer today and how those that are not are still the Word of God and have contemporary significance.  You will also explore the relevance of the Law of Moses to the various domains of society in our Twenty First Century world.

1 and 2 Kings  

This book that begins with the glory of God filling a magnificent gold plated temple with his glory, ends with this same temple broken and burned.  How did this happen?  Why did the kingdom divide?  As you work your way through these books you will discover the persistence and longsuffering patience of Israel’s God.  You will see how the blessings and curses of Deuteronomy are worked out in the national life.  You will encounter the God who is "The LORD, the LORD, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness…forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty…” Ex 34:6,7.  The history you will learn in this Unit is an important foundation for your future studies in the prophets, and will help these wonderful books come alive. 


In this unit you will be introduced to another important Biblical genre, that of Wisdom.  You will discover this book is an Old Testament gold mine of God inspired common sense and wisdom, as well as a book that addresses every area of our live.  Choices have consequences!  Be ready to learn how to live life well and how to make wise, life giving decisions!

Introduction to the Prophets and Amos

Before you study this book, you will be introduced to this new genre, the Old Testament Prophet.  You will learn about the kind of literature it is and how to observe, interpret and then apply it well.  Then you will apply what you have learned to this powerful prophet Amos.  You will discover that when you understand the setting, history and the way the prophets communicated their message, the often overlooked writings of the prophets have so much contemporary significance.  


Haggai with his two short chapters brings a powerful challenge to the people to rise and rebuild the Temple in hard and difficult times.  So we too find ourselves challenged to obey to the word of the Lord when it is not convenient or when it is hard.  Haggai’s message lives on. 


And so you have come to the final Prophet and the final book of the Old Testament, and sadly you will find a dispirited and complaining people.  But the challenges of the Lord through the prophet are clear, and as you will discover, each challenge is pertinent to many contemporary situations you are likely to find yourself in.


As you come to this final book of the New Testament, you step into the most debated (and at times misunderstood) book in the Bible.  In this unit you will explore the four main views of the overall interpretation of Revelation and the implications for how each chapter is interpreted.  You will also understand the historical background relevant at the time of writing both for John and the Roman Empire.  You will also be made aware of the various views on the Millennium as understood in the various parts of the Body of Christ today and consider what sound application might look like for this book.