Foundations for the Online CBCC

FoundationsOne of the strengths and goals of this course is that by the end you will have read through the entire Bible.  In this unit you will devise your own reading plan.

Having a right attitude to and understanding of the Bible is a vital foundation in exploring the significant issues of inspiration and how the Bible came to us.

Another important foundation is an understanding of the historical times that both Jesus and Christianity were born into.

The Basics of Inductive Bible Study 

In this unit you will learn how to distinguish between different approaches to the study of the Bible and how to read the Bible well.  You will understand what the inductive approach to Bible Study is and the three important steps, observation, interpretation and application, and how they each relate to the other.  The main tools used for inductive study will also be explained.  This unit is the foundation unit for all that follows.  Take time to learn these lessons well.

Philemon & Developing the Skills of Inductive Bible Study

In this unit you will begin to study the Bible using the inductive approach.  You will begin to develop the skills of observation, interpretation and application as discussed in the previous unit (The Basics of Inductive Bible Study).  Using this short letter of Paul to Philemon, you will understand how the background and circumstances surrounding the letter open up these 25 short verses and you will be able to identify the core message of the letter.  You will then consider the dynamic implications of this message for both yourself personally and for contemporary society.

Ephesians & Recording your Discoveries

With this unit, you will continue to develop your skills of observation, interpretation, and application as in the previous unit. Using the letter of Paul to the Ephesians, you will discover the background to the city of Ephesus and the surrounding region and through that the incredible message the letter contains of the Church's identity and unity in Christ. You will do this by being introduced to the four methods of exploring and recording your studies that you will use throughout the rest of this course.

Psalms & Introduction to Hebrew Poetry

We have included the book of Psalms in this Module so that you can enjoy your study of this much loved book throughout the duration of the course. You will quickly understand that the 150 Psalms includes a variety of poems, each true to their literary genre, and have a new appreciation for the rich art form that they are presented in.  At times worship will fill your heart, and at other times the pain of the poet will ring true to the realities all around you. 

Genesis & Introduction to Old Testament Narrative

In this unit, you will be laying the foundation for your study of the whole of the Old Testament.  As you will discover, Genesis explores the origins of the nations and the nation of Israel.  You will understand how in the light of the deep need of humanity God breaks into the human history and begins his plan of redemption.  You will meet the men he chooses, Abraham and the Patriarchs of Israel, and the faith they inspire.  Because of the modern tendency of many to read the early chapters of this book like a science manual, you will consider various ways these chapters could be interpreted.