Introduction to Inductive Bible Study


This module introduces you to the Bible and the online SBS course for young people. You will be introduced to the 12 Steps used to study the Bible on this course. You will then study your first three books using the 12 Steps method.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module you should:

                    • Have a basic introduction to the Bible.
                    • Have an understanding of the 12 steps of inductive Bible study in this method and how they flow together.
                    • Have completed the books Philemon, Titus, Galatians and Mark using this method.


This unit gives a basic introduction to the Bible - a gift to us from God.

You will then be introduced to the Inductive approach.



In this unit you will be introduced to the method we will use on the online SBS for Young People.

We will walk you through the 12 steps method for Inductive Bible Study. 

This is the method you will use to study each book of the Bible.

In this unit you will begin to study the Bible using the inductive approach. 

We will start with the book of Philemon. You will go through the 12 Steps method step by step and begin to develop the skills of observation, interpretation and application as discussed in the previous unit. 

Using this short letter of Paul to Philemon, you will understand how the background and circumstances surrounding the letter open up these 25 short verses and you will be able to identify the core message of the letter. You will then consider the dynamic implications of this message for yourself as you apply it to your life.


In this unit you will study the book of Titus using the same inductive approach. 

You will go through the 12 Steps method step by step and continue to develop your skills of observation, interpretation and application. 

As you study this book you will learn of the background and circumstances surrounding this letter from Paul to Titus. Titus is only 3 chapters long but full of the message of God's amazing grace and how this should be demonstrated in the life of the believer through godly character and lifestyle.

This was a challenge to the Christians then, and is also a challenge to us now.

As you study this letter you will discover the absolute freedom of the Gospel as Paul urgently and passionately conveys the core message of salvation to his beloved Galatians.

It is time to study your first Gospel. Mark is the earliest and shortest of all the gospels and a great introduction to gospel genre.

This account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah is fast moving and full of action. As you study this book you will be impacted by Jesus the servant king and God’s deep compassion for His suffering church.

You will study the gospel of Mark using the same inductive approach, and learn how to read, understand and interpret gospel genre. 


This unit has a Gospel presentation 

followed by an opportunity to commit

your life to the Lord.