Online SBS for Young People


CarolineWelcome to the Online SBS for Young People

The purpose of this resource is to serve young people across the world in their study of the Word of God.  This is an inductive study approach modelled on the YWAM School of Biblical Studies (SBS) and made assessable to young people.

Studying the Word of God is a life long journey and we have seen the amazing impact on our own family over the last 12 years as we have studied the Bible in this way. Young people are hungry for the Word of God, and as they study it they form strong and healthy foundations for life; it shapes them, equips them and helps them lean on the Lord in difficult times. We have seen all of these positive impacts within our own family.

Studying the Word inductively allows the reader to discover for themselves what the Bible says, and to see God’s wonderful plan of salvation woven throughout, from beginning to end. Each page of the Bible shows God’s sMorgan Familyteadfast love for His children and His longing for relationship with them. We want to see people discover more of this through the Online SBS for Young People.

If you would like to trial this course for free please email us so you can be enrolled.