Online SBS for Young People

Who is this course for?

This course is mainly designed for 11-19 year olds. Those younger can still do it but will need some adult support, especially while they get to grips with the method. Feel free to simplify the steps to suit age and ability. The course can also be used as a tool for Home-schooling.

This is also something that families and youth groups can do together to grow together. We also have several adults who are really enjoying doing the course too. The main aim is to enjoy studying the Bible and to grow closer to the Lord as you learn more about His Word.


What you will need:

The minimum you will need is a Bible, a pencil, several coloured pencils, card for book marks, paper to record what you discover and paper for Summary Sheets.

You may also want a notebook to use a journal for your applications.

Some extra things may be needed for the craft activity but these activities are optional.

Your Bible needs to be a complete Bible with all the chapters and verses, rather than a story Bible. We have used the English Standard Version (ESV) for this course, unless otherwise stated. A version in simpler English would be the International Children’s Bible.   


This site is under Construction:

This course in under construction. Modules 1 and 4 are completed and ready to use. We are currently working on Module 5. There will be 10 Modules altogether in this course covering all the books of the Bible.

We are looking for young people, families, youth groups and anyone else who wants to trial the course for free in return for Feedback. We would like you to email us your feedback at the end of each Unit. 

So if you are interested or just want further information about the Online SBS for Young People then please email us at;     

In order to do the course you will need to open a Moodle account and then we can enrol you onto the course. The account needs to be set up by an adult.

When you get to the Login page select the option on the right which says 'Create new account'. Follow the instructions and remember to make a note of your password. Then email us so we can enrol you onto Module 1.