Module 10:  From the Wilderness to the Promised Land

Having commissioned Israel to its Calling as God's missionary people, and declared that He would dwell among them, in this module we explore the journey from Sinai to the Promised Land. The journey that should have taken less than 40 days took 40 years. After renewing the Covenant in the plains of Moab, the new generation under a new leader begin to possess the promised inheritance. The book of Deuteronomy becomes foundational to understand God's dealings with His people in the subsequent history books.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.

모듈 10 : 광야에서 약속된 땅까지
이스라엘을 하나님의 선교사로 부르심에 위임하고, 그 가운데에 거주하겠다고 선언한 이 모듈에서 우리는 시나이에서 약속된 땅으로의 여정을 탐구합니다. 40일도 채 걸리지 않았어야 할 여정은 40년이 걸렸다. 모압 평야에서 규약을 갱신한 후, 새로운 지도자의 신세대는 약속된 유산을 소유하기 시작합니다. 신명기 책은 신이 그의 백성들과의 거래를 후속 역사책에서 이해하는 데 기초가 된다.
2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.


JoshuaThere is much for you to discover in this book where Israel finally possess the land.  Not only will your studies enable you to follow Joshua battle by battle, become familiar with pertinent geography, tribal allotments and the cities of refuge, you will also make application from the examples of leadership, as well as explore further the character and nature of God, specifically in his grace, justice and holiness.


DeuteronomyIn Deuteronomy you come to the last of the Law Books, meet the second generation who are about to take the Land, and Moses, who is about to die!  You discover how Deuteronomy is about renewing the covenant with the new generation.  In this book you explore a working model of how to distinguish between which Old Testament laws are directly applicable to the Christian believer today, and which are not relevant today, but are still the Word of God and have contemporary significance.  You also explore the relevance of the Law of Moses to the various domains of society in our Twenty First Century world.


NumbersWith the foundations laid at Sinai, the people are ready to possess the land God was giving them.  But sadly, murmuring, rebellion and unbelief caused this first generation to fail.  As you study this book, you will be saddened by the attitudes and failures of the people to take God at His word, and you will be challenged as you reflect on how easy it is for you to follow in their steps.