Module 14:  Wisdom for the People of God

From life not making sense or seeming meaningless, to knowing how to live life well and make wise, life giving decisions, wisdom is many sided as this module will show.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.


모듈 14 : 하나님의 백성을 위한 지혜

모순된 인생, 무의미해 보이는 인생, 인생을 잘 살고 현명하게 만드는 법을 아는 것, 생명을 주는 결정, 이 모듈이 보여줄 것처럼 지혜는 많은 측면이 있다.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.

Song of Songs

3D men song of songsThis beautiful book has been interpreted in different ways over the centuries, each of which you will explore in this unit.  You will discover how understanding the literary genre of the Song removes the ambiguity for your inductive study, both for interpretation and application and you will find a book with a message desperately needed in our generation.


Ecclesiastes“Everything is meaningless”, “completely meaningless” is the opening cry of this second ‘pessimistic wisdom book’ you are about to study.  As with Job, this book loved by so many, addresses sentiments that are felt often in our world today, a world full of activity but empty of meaning.


JobHow do we cope when life simply does not make sense; when God seems so far away?  With Job you are introduced to a genre of literature known as ‘pessimistic wisdom literature’, a form that deals with the hard questions of life.  As you engage with this highly poetic book you share in the highs and lows of Job’s heartrending journey, but a journey that concludes with a profound encounter with God.


proversIn this unit you will be introduced to another important Biblical genre, that of Wisdom.  You will discover that this Old Testament gold mine of God inspired common sense and wisdom, as well as addressing every area of living.  Choices have consequences!  Be ready to learn how to live life well and how to make wise, life giving decisions!