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This course will equip you to build a team of ministry partners who will financially support you to do ministry.
It is a do-it-yourself, at your own pace course.  I am available via email to answer questions or help.
WARNING!!  Your core beliefs about money and partnership will be challenged by biblical insight smile   
It is designed for Youth With A Mission, but is applicable to anyone, 
from any organization.


If you haven't yet created an account, please do so now.  The right side of the log-in page tells you how.  To get to the log-in page you can either click on the MODULE 1: Introduction link below, or on the "log-in" button in the upper right hand corner of this web page.  You won't need an enrolment key from me.

No payment is required to do the course at this stage. My desire is to make it available to as many people as possible.  At the end there is an opportunity to make a voluntary donation which will help to develop more training.
© All videos and materials of this course are copyrighted, 2015, all rights reserved.  No duplication is allowed without permission from Terry Sherman. 

climbingWe'll talk about the vital need for this training, share some of my own experience from our early years, explain why we do it this way in YWAM, and set the stage for changing your mindset about raising support.

God and money

Money is a controversial topic.  How we were raised in our families and cultures mostly determines how we think about money.  The Bible talks more about money than almost any other subject, but most of us haven't learned God's perspective on it.  It's essential for us to learn His ways regarding money, and to understand the spiritual dynamics that come into play when we step out to invite partnership for Kingdom purposes.


Vision leads the way in fundraising! Communicating vision well is essential in inviting people to partner with us.  We'll explore different tools to help us better communicate our vision for mission.


This module shows you how you can create your own plan and strategy for raising the FULL amount of support you need to do ministry.